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It’s a center of public life in Melbourne and a home for almost every notable big event in the city. There are always many people, the place is extremely busy and lively all the time. If you up to meeting new people, enjoying street performances, great attractions and top notch restaurants then this is the place you should try first.
Don’t miss your chance to visit the largest terrestrial national park in Australia which is half the size of Switzerland. Experience Australia’s tropical north in its full beauty with its amazing wildlife and landscape diversity.
Come to picturesque Lake Thetis if you want to see something special. It’s one of the only few places in the world with “Living fossils”. Stromatolites that live in the lake are extremely rare ones and represent the world’s oldest living life form.
It’s an old volcanic plug that rises to 143 meters and has a flat top where you can get via a chairlift, a 15-minute hike up or a short steep track. Short trip to the top of The Nut is highly enjoyable as well as breathtaking views over the surrounding area. Walking trails at the top are totally worth your time.
You will get blown away the moment you step on white sand of this small beautiful bay. It’s never boring here with this large variety of activities such as swimming in the lagoon, boating, kayaking, surfing, kite-boarding, fishing and diving.
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Beautiful beach which is perfect for a romantic holiday escape, extreme surfing or bushwalking. White sandy beach is good for a picnic or enjoying the views of the ocean from the lookout. This beach is also pretty popular spot for surfing, but take note of risk signs because the ocean may be unpredictable.  
What makes this city so special in Australia is its architecture. Ballarat considered as one of the most valuable examples of Australia’s Victorian era boomtowns. The city is packed with old beautiful buildings that were rising here rapidly during crazy gold rush in 1851. It’s also a place of many significant historical moments and cultural legacies.
It’s the state’s second most populous city that extends for many kilometers along gorgeous golden sand coast which made tourism the biggest industry in this region. So there are all the nice things that a tourist may like: kilometers of beach, restaurants, theme parks, theatres and museums, golf courses.
Visit Sisters Beach and you will find unspoiled beaches with white soft sand, clear blue waters and enjoyable small seaside village surrounded by great National Parks. It’s the only unique place in Tasmania where Banksia serrata grows naturally.
Explore gorgeous Freycinet National Park with its beautiful rugged coastline, awesome pink granite peaks, pristine sand beaches and countless bird species. Numerous azure bays are perfect for you to enjoy short walks, swimming, diving and kayaking.
This mountain with jagged contours is a must-see place if you’re visiting Tasmania. Best-known local features are: a beautiful alpine landscape, unique wildlife, ancient rainforest and pines, glacial lakes, mountain summits, colourful deciduous beech.
Fantastic sheltered beach, loved by tourists and locals. It’s great for snorkeling, swimming, diving and any other water-based activities. The waters are shallow and crystal clear what make this place a perfect fit for little kids to learn swimming and snorkeling.
Sunshine, white and soft sand, nice little ocean breeze and deep blue waters is the first thing people see when they get to this A-star resort of extra class. Year-round perfect weather, great restaurants, comfortable resorts relaxing atmosphere and friendly easy-going folks will make you want to stay here forever.
Once this skyscraper was the highest residential tower in the world but the building lost this status in 2011 but is still pretty impressive.  Currently it is the highest building in Australia and one of the most popular landmarks in Queensland. It has numerous great features including pools, elegant apartments and sophisticated dining projects.
The city is located on the slopes of a volcano with the same name. There are also many other great attractions for tourists like the Blue Lake which has really gorgeous blue colors, great diving venues. You will find here nice spots for excellent shopping and dining experience.
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