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Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands) on the map
This island is long and takes the 5th place in terms of size among other Hawaiian main islands.  Surrounding waters have the highest sea cliff and the longest fringing reef in the U. S. Green beautiful fields, pristine tropical forests, unbelievable wildlife diversity that includes exotic plants and animals.
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This Hawaiian island has everything that is needed for a great vacation: bright and hot weather, beautiful landscape, refreshing ocean water and astonishing beaches. As for today, the state capital and the most populated city of the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu, offers great variety of attractions so you will never be bored.
It’s one of the most interesting Hawaiian Islands to visit if you like to enjoy untouched beauty of local beaches, flora and fauna. This place is not as crowded with tourists as the other popular islands and Honolulu, so you can comfortably try lots of things like free-diving, swimming and surfing.
It’s a bright and colorful island with magnificent beaches and great seaside resorts, second biggest island in Hawaii. You can go into the jungle to find amazing waterfalls or climb on top of volcanoes. Tourists will find here many exciting attractions such as sightseeing, diving, hiking and camping.
This island is the biggest in the US and is well known as one of the best places to spend your vacation on. Majestic place where you can swim with Manta Rays or go on a tropical jungle trip to see beautiful waterfalls, visit Volcanoes National Park or just enjoy some drinks on a perfect Hawaiian beach.
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