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O'ahu Island
This Hawaiian island has everything that is needed for a great vacation: bright and hot weather, beautiful landscape, refreshing ocean water and astonishing beaches. As for today, the state capital and the most populated city of the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu, offers great variety of attractions so you will never be bored.
O'ahu Island on the map
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It’s a comparatively small beach but every year it is voted as one of the best beaches in the world. People love this beach for its extraordinary soft and clean sand, calm beautiful blue waters, awesome snorkeling and kayaking opportunities.
This land was sacred to ancient people of the island of Oahu. Today it’s a popular tourist destination that is famous for its great green landscape and scenic views, great horseback riding experience and guided tours, including the movie sites one. Kualoa Ranch once was a film location for Jurassic Park and Lost.
Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii located on Oahu Island. It’s always sunny here, people are cheerful and welcoming, plenty of nightclubs and great restaurant are always here for you – an ideal place for a good vacation. And don’t forget to visit Waikiki Beach – one of the best places for surfing in the world.
This marvelous moon-shaped bay with crystal blue water and amazing coral reefs is the most popular tourist destination on the island. Here you can dive in a stunning marine world with countless beautiful marine species such as gorgeous fish species and turtles.
The place is located near the city of Honolulu 365 meters up on a mountain trail and gives you the chills when you’re looking down at the east coast of the island. The city is so small from here and even clouds seem extremely close. It’s the best place to make fantastic shots but hold your camera tight, because the winds are harsh here.  
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