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Redwood National and State Parks are actually three parks in one and all of them are famous with sequoias. This place was a movie set for “Star Wars” final episode.
Brilliant piece of work that was created by howling winds long time ago. There you can find strangely shaped rocks (arches) all around this dried and hot desert. In Arches National Park you can find approximately 2000 arches and each one is unique. The best time to visit this amazing place is in spring and fall.
This huge and narrow slot canyon with pink, red and yellow sandstone cliffs will show you the beauty of the land that was worshipped be ancient native people. Ultimate experience of hiking, rock climbing and camping in a great lavish wilderness in unity with absolutely stunning scenery.
The park is located on the biggest Hawaiian island and has a lot to show its visitors: two volcanoes that are still active and erupting, unique landscape formed by previous big eruptions, vast variety of rare native animals and plants. It’s your once in a lifetime chance to see an actual volcano eruption up close!    
July and August is the best time to visit this place when gorgeous flowers are in bloom and can enjoy awesome scenery of green fields and lofty mountain peaks that rise dramatically above the valley. This alpine landscape is perfect for hiking and camping, fishing, boating and taking beautiful photos.
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