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Les Champs-Élysées is a central avenue and the main shop window of Paris running for about 2 km. Here you can see everything France is famous for: the Élysée Palace, monuments celebrating Napoleon's victories, world-famous boutiques, luxury hotels, beautiful fountains and graceful architecture.
A perfect place to start exploring New York from south Manhattan. There are plenty of marvelous yachts, private ships and public transport available for tourists.
Le Marais is an aristocratic district on the right bank of the Seine originated in the 13th century on the site of the drained marshes. In the 17th century it was a meeting-point for philosophers, artists and musicians. Le Marais is a real architectural gem of Paris with magnificent historical palaces, luxury villas and old houses of artisans.
Vasilievsky Island is the biggest island in St. Petersburg with palaces, universities, churches and temples, museums and architecture memorials dated 18-20th island go across the bars, small parks, and apartments of the pre-soviet times and the real life of the city.
Greenwich Village is so attractive mainly because it allows you to see New York you’ve never seen before. It’s not a Big Apple, it’s a quite country village, a perfect place for tourists, artists and actors.
Here in Little Italy, the cobblestone paths, tiny and cosy restaurants, sights, smells and sounds – everything makes you feel to be in Italy.
Ellis Island is a historical place and a landmark for more than 12 mln people who came here to get American citizenship over a century ago.
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