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This National Park will leave you speechless with its stunning beauty. Millions of people visit this certain place in Alaska to see intact nature in its full bright – lofty mountains covered in rainforest, deep sheltered fiords, rare animals and plants, and, of course, huge glaciers.
St. Basil's Cathedral is a beautiful sight and a symbol of the Red Square in Moscow, well-known not only in Russia, but also around the world. Created in the 16th century by the order of Ivan the Terrible, the temple intricately combines the traditions of Russian architecture and features of Italian Renaissance architecture. Facade of the building is similar to an ancient Russian casket or a colourful cake, which impresses by its combination of floral and ornamental elements.

St. Basil's Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat, is a museum open to the public. Daily tours are available. Their schedule and cost are indicated on the official website of the temple Here you can also find opening hours of the Cathedral in order to plan trips in advance

The structure of the building is quite complicated, because it combines the galleries and passages from 9 temples. It is quite difficult to figure out their location without a guide. A guide will also help in learning the history of this place, full of mystery, as well as in the studying its interior design. In a variety of small rooms, magnificent murals, frescoes and icons are preserved, and surely they are worth seeing. Visiting the St. Basil's Cathedral, a symbol of Russian history, will leave many impressions. The price ticket to enjoy this sight is low.
This national park is famous for its countless caves that are hidden deep down in rugged limestone canyons. Carlsbad Cavern is the biggest and most popular cave in the park, the best part of it is the Big Room, one of the largest chambers in North America.
Cathedral of St. Barbara is the second largest Gothic cathedral of the Czech Republic, which was being built for almost two centuries on the initiative of the inhabitants of the town of Kutna Hora. Architectural decisions and style of the interior of the cathedral are very unusual, making it different from all other examples of the Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages.

The walls of the magnificent Cathedral preserve frescoes and paintings, vividly portraying the life and work of the miners who inhabited Kutna Hora in the Middle Ages. They are lit by the rays of the sun, making their way through the stained-glass windows with elegant designs. The vaults of the cathedral rivet the attention as well with the flowers with curved petals that are carved in stone. The appearance of the Cathedral of St. Barbara is also impressive with its walls decorated with whimsical statues of demons and mythical creatures. The statues transform fancifully after dark when the illumination ignites. In this wonderful atmosphere you can enjoy a summer music festival, which attracts many tourists.

Cathedral of St. Barbara is one of the most popular attractions of the Czech Republic, so there are always crowds of tourists. You can enjoy the beauty of this place without haste and bustle perhaps only in autumn and winter, however, it’s worth seeing. In addition, the price of tickets is inversely proportional to the scale of the cathedral, which is low. Opening hours, mass schedule and entrance fees to the Cathedral can be found on websites of Kutna Hora and
The Karnak Temple Complex is a miracle of Ancient Egypt art of building which boggles the imagination of visitors for ages. Magnificent parkways of stone sphinx statues, columns with hieroglyphs and rare palms bring us to the past full of mysteries and myths. The main peculiarity of the Karnak sphinx is a sheep's head. Monumentality and beauty of the Karnak Temple make us doubt it was built by humans.
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