About Shegby.com

Shegby.com - is the ride-hailing service that connects tourists and travelers with independent local drivers and experts who work on their own time in the interest of the first ones! The Problems We Solve: Private, safe, and comfy transfers from and to Airports - is the problem for over 30 million travelers. So we solve this problem easily and at the normal price by locals and with other supporting services! Travel destinations are unusual at all. Not only to/from the airport, hotel but uncommon destinations for example points of interest exists. It’s great if you have not only a driver but a local guide and expert in untypical situations. For example juridical and medical support, cuisine guide, and translator. Why don’t offer this to the tourist? Just imagine yourself in situations of weekends without activities instruments. Why just not rent one from locals? Bikes, kayaks, autos, and even dress for fest!