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burger is web3 concierge service from locals for travelers. We are at a very early stage now, but already have some results with our helping travelers with transfers in the end of the 2019 - early 2020 (before the pandemic).

Having enough time to rethink our mission during the COVID, we made a pivot and we are a C2C marketplace with services. We give jobs to Locals to earn money for travelers' needs. It means that our Locals worldwide are ready and already solving the Travelers issues before, during and after their leisure or business trips.

The same time our purpose is to give millions of jobs to more than 200 million unemployed local people in the world. We could help them earn extra money with their skills, knowledge and experience which are needed by travelers, expats, and tourists. We want to move Locals to the middle class at least.

What does "web3" mean in our startup? Following the definition by @PackyM, Web3 is the internet owned by the builders and users, orchestrated with tokens. And that's in our core: Users (locals and travelers) first, builders (early adopters, advisors, investors, and the team) with the tokens, but to be honest we plan to use something different.

Or feel free to contact us with any questions, Shegby's DM is open for you: Join our Discord too to get the Early adopter role and a reward -

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