Investor relations

Dear investors, startup is asking you to invest in scaling up an existing profitable project.

The project solves the problem of travellers getting from the airport to the city (and vice versa) having previously booked the transport with a local resident who acts as a driver and even a guide.

Our service is created for:
— Groups of travellers and families (including families with children);
— Travellers with bulky luggage (skiing, kite and even surfboards and kayaks);
— For first-time travellers (with personal security guarantee);
— For arrivals / departures on holidays or at night (when it is difficult to call an ordinary taxi);
— For travellers who do not know the local laws and / or language of the country (we will select for you a driver who knows your language);
— For those travelling from / to difficult accessible places, where no transport will reach;
— For those who want a different type of transport (we can deliver you by boat to the island or by plane to the most secret corners of our planet).

The value of our services is that we will deliver you to anywhere in the world, wherever you wish, in what way you want, and all this will be done by local residents.

We trust the local people with the most valuable thing — travellers and their time, so we carefully check everyone we connect to the project as a partner. We ourselves use the services of these residents until we are convinced of the quality and reliability of the services provided. Local residents in exchange receive our customers — you, travellers, those who are willing to pay for a decent and safe service provided individually and exclusively for your requirements.

For investors, we offer participation in the project on SAFE terms.
The current open investment round is Sowing, we need $ 100,000 USD in exchange for a 10% share of the project. Investments required:
— For the implementation of formal tasks ($ 10,000 USD) to register a company in the correct jurisdiction;
— To return the investment to one of the previous founders ($ 30,000 USD), which left the project in our hands back in 2016;
— To fix minor design flaws and enable acquiring ($ 10,000 USD);
— To scale and grow by attracting new travellers and local residents providing services ($ 50,000).
For each amount of expenses, we answer with our head and work in the «Austerity» mode, the founders do not receive salaries and believe in a multiple increase over the next year after receiving seed investments. We are Lean Startup.

Our plans are the growth of the project during the year after investment until the next Angelic round in the amount of $ 1mln USD for 10% of the project’s share on SAFE terms. At the same time, we are ready for the sowing stage investor to cache with the sale of his 5% stake to an angel for $ 500k USD, which for the sowing stage investor means a five-fold increase in his investment while maintaining his share in the project (this, in fact, is 10 times higher). The remaining investment will be directed to acceleration in the United States and / or Asia (or the Middle East). The USA, Asia and the Middle East are the main markets for us, the presence and growth of which is necessary for multiple scaling further.

The next planned stage of attracting investments in Round A involves the sale of another 10% stake in the project at a cost of $ 10mln USD. The term is one year after the angelic round of investment. At this stage, it is assumed that the participants (founders of the project) will receive part of the shares on the terms of the vesting. The following distribution of shares with the right of vesting in the next 2 years, subject to the multiple growth of the project and the interests of investors.

Dear investors,
You can take part in the sowing round right now, we are ready to provide you with all the necessary documents for the project, submit a team and, most importantly, our plans for growth and fulfillment of the goals specified in this proposal.

Investor proposals are accepted by email — with a subject: Seed-round investor.