Privacy Policy

§ 1. Protection of Personal Data

Shegby (Dmitry Lunin SP, ITN: 183302050600) cares about personal data security. Any personal information users send to is processed, stored and protected according to the actual legislation. does not collect any personal information of unregistered users.

Such personal data as user’s first and last name, phone numbers and emails are collected upon registration. It is used for further authorization and access to user’s account.

Shegby does not check information given by the user for being authentic and correct, nor the very fact of providing this information by the user for being legal. Any data the user sends to the website is considered authentic, actual and legal by default.

§ 2. Automated Data Acquisition website uses automated algorithms that collect and process such non-personalized user data as:

a) location of the device used to access the website: through GPS, GLONASS, IP address analysis and other technologies;

b) user’s activity on the website: date and time of access, search and page view history, form and services used;

c) electronic data, such as HTTP headers, IP address, cookies, pixel tags, the browser type and version data, hardware and software data.

This information cannot be considered personal as it is not correlated with specific persons. It is collected only for the personalization of the content for every user and for the further website and service development.

§ 3. Newsletters

Shegby never sends any emails of text messages to the users that did not subscribed to it. Any subscription may be cancelled by the user at any time.

§ 4. Intended Use of the Data

Shegby uses the collected data only and specifically for the purposes the user accepted it to be used. All the data is deleted after the expiration of the period it was provided for by the user. During this period Shegby takes all the responsibility and expenses for its’ safety.

No disclosure or transfer to the third party of any personal data is possible without the personal consent of the user who provided it unless it is required to provide services or execute a contract with the user. The only exclusion is a valid legal requirement of state institutions or authorities: in this case the delivery of the data is established by the law.

§ 5. Personal Data Access, Correction and Removal

Any user of has the right to access any personal data he or she provided to the webside.

Also the user can change the provided data by correcting it through personal account if he or she considers it to be incorrect or incomplete.

The user has the right to remove all the personal data from website by sending an email to the address given on the Contacts page. Shegby guarantees to process this type of requirements and answer to it during the period established by the law. After the personal data is removed, some of the services and content will be no longer available for the user.

§ 6. Cookie, Analytics, Tracking

Cookies are specific type of text files, that are stored on the user’s computer and contain some information about the activity of the user on website, such as: IP address, HTTP headers, a browser type and version, etc. website uses automated analytic systems that use cookies for making special reports of its’ attendance, users interactions and activities. This information is not correlated with specific persons and thus is anonymous.

The user can prohibit website to use cookies by changing web-browser settings. However, this can lead to limitation of the website’s functions.

§ 7. Изменение политики конфиденциальности

Shegby reserves the right to change this policy, data security measures or data collection means, if it is needed for the development of the website or the company itself. Any changes will be carried out within the legislation.