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Basilica di San Marco
Saint Mark's Basilica is a rare example of Byzantine architecture in the territory of Europe, which has become one of the main symbols of Venice. Its monumentality impresses both inside and outside. We can admire rich and delicate decoration, amazing bas-reliefs and mosaics with Bible scenes away the hours. There is a gemmy golden chancel inside, but the main thing is an esprit of Venice, so brilliant and pompous.

The interior the cathedral shine splendor, including the famous golden altarpiece Pala d’Oro, studded with precious stones, but the main adornment here is the spirit of Venice, so brilliant and pompous. Feel and enjoy the atmosphere of this sacred place for free  any time of the year. You only need to buy tickets to enter the museum, the treasury and the Pala d’Oro, located under the arches of the church. Opening hours and entrance fees to the Cathedral of St. Mark are available on its official website

You should know that it is prohibited to take photos and video in the cathedral and you can walk only on specially fenced paths. Visitors should pay attention to their appearance: clothing, especially for women, should not be too revealing. At the entrance visitors are provided disposable covers, allowing covering bare shoulders. It is not advisable to bring large backpacks and bags, as entrance with them is prohibited, however, it is offered to put in a luggage storage.
Basilica di San Marco on the map
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