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Chicago is famous for its skyscrapers, gloomy gangster past and the second highest building in the USA, Willis Tower. The city’s look is best of all watched by water as the majority of water routes are made in the right place. The skyscrapers of Chicago are usually not only watched from the outside but from the inside as well, combining looking at the city’s panorama on the observation area with shopping. There are several parks in the city amongst which the Millennium Park is the most proud of. Apart from this, Chicago offers numerous museums, excellent restaurants and cuisine that is definitely influenced by the Italian traditions, and many good music festivals, first of all, of course jazz and blues ones.
Chicago on the map
Despite the name of this building inside it is a huge mall. There is a great amount of shops and boutiques. After the fire of 1871 the tower was one of the only buildings that survived and now is a landmark of the city.
The main attraction of this Chicago neighbourhood is the railway that goes right above your head.
Imagine the shine of Tiffany jewelry. And now imagine how the dome by Tiffany may shine! This shining is a magnet for tourist that can’t help watching the beautiful architecture work and the mosaics covering the walls.
One of the biggest aquariums in the world. You will see a huge collection of fish, jellyfish, dolphins and sharks.
A huge park with a zoo, a lake with lilies, and a big conservatory.
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Another sample of modern Chicago architecture. From the outside it looks like made of glass, and inside it’s less fragile because of metal constructions.
One of the best viewing points that opens a great view to the city and the suburbs. One floor higher there is a restaurant that gathers as many people as the Hancock Center.  
A big and beautiful fountain that lies near the Michigan lake in the upper part of the city. The fountain is only 5 minutes away the Millennium park and is considered to be the gates to Chicago. The form of the fountain has a central part which stands for the lake Michigan, and the four horses that symbolize the states that surround the lake.  
Getting closer to the pier you will probably see a Ferris wheel. It’s a real heaven for kids who will adore the attractions here. For their parents there is a cinema and a theatre where you can spend your day.
People come from far and near to one of the most famous baseball stadiums in the USA to see the game or have a nice time.
This is both a place to hold a World Congress meetings, and a working museum, and the art school where more than 3000 students study many different courses. In the world the museum is known for the impressionists works.
A great city park where you can see the most famous Cloud Gate sculpture.
The museum is a nice place to spend time with little fans of science and see exhibitions dedicated to the history of industry of America. Among the most famous exhibits are coal mines and the boat U-505 built at times of World War II, and a spaceship that was taking part in Apollo-8 mission.
In this old cinema you can buy a ticket to a theater show or a concert you just can’t miss!
The viewing point at Willis Tower is one of the highest. To get there you need to pass 103 floors. That is a place for courageous people.  Be the one to stand on the balcony made of glass and enjoy the thrilling view.
A home place of Sue – a tyrannosaur, whose skeleton is fully collected. Besides here you can get to know the north American culture and see plenty of artifacts.  
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