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Bearing a poetic name (it means “phoenix” in Chinese) and possessing a long history, Fenghuang is proud to be one of the most outstanding cities in China. Its main attraction is high gabled houses build on stilts. The locals offer boats for transferring tourists up- and downstream Tuo Jiang river for sightseeing. When hungry for gastronomic experiments, try red pickled peppers in local family restaurants — they are reported to be awesome.
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Chinese city of Huangyao has a long history of more than 1000 years. Once full of merchants and traders, it has now become quiet and deserted labyrinth of narrow streets paved with black marble, temples and grey-brick houses decorated with vivid red lanterns and calligraphy posters. Its setting is scenic and beautiful — conic karst hills, jade green rivers and abundant verdure — together with the city architecture it creates a rich feeling of an old-world China.
The Great Wall goes across China for miles and miles. It used to play the protective role in ancient China, and today it is a landmark of the country and a place mostly visited by the tourists. Go up the 2000 steps and on the top of it you just can’t help admiring yourself, the Great Wall, China itself, and the beauty of the mountains.
Longmen Grottoes is a huge group of temples carved in cliffes and grottes of Chinese province Henan. Beautiful Buddha and Apsaras statues look from above as well as hundreds of monks.
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