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Fontainebleau is an old residence of French kings and queens. It’s started as a small hunting seat and grew into the magnificent renaissance palace. It’s hard to tell what actually attracks the tourists the gorgeous interior or the park around the palace with its canals, grots and ponds. Fontainebleau is a beautiful place to hide from the sun and heat of the city.
Versailles is a magnificent residence of kings and queens in suburbs of Paris. Its name still stands for luxury, gorgeous ornamentation and royal spirit. The architecture of the palace and the symmetry of the garden absolutely reflect the idea of monarchy power. Many European royals attempted to built a palace like this one, but Versailles is unchallenged.
Paris is so unique and unmatchable that it is definitely worth visiting at least once a life. The sights of the city are so famous that one can describe them for long not even having ever been there. Revolutions and ages, wars and empires – Paris has seen a lot. And Paris has saved the evidences of what it witnessed long ago. Streets and parks, cathedrals and palaces, where the events described by Dumas and Hugo took place and seem to still be sensible, delicate taste in art, architecture and music – Paris has always been the center of the world’s attention. Paris became cultural dominant of Europe, just like Eifel Tower once had become vertical dominant of Paris.
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