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Chicago is famous for its skyscrapers, gloomy gangster past and the second highest building in the USA, Willis Tower. The city’s look is best of all watched by water as the majority of water routes are made in the right place. The skyscrapers of Chicago are usually not only watched from the outside but from the inside as well, combining looking at the city’s panorama on the observation area with shopping. There are several parks in the city amongst which the Millennium Park is the most proud of. Apart from this, Chicago offers numerous museums, excellent restaurants and cuisine that is definitely influenced by the Italian traditions, and many good music festivals, first of all, of course jazz and blues ones.
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These mounds are all that’s left from the great pre-Columbian Native American City, the largest settlement in the Mississippi culture. Its population was so big that even the largest cities of the United States weren’t able to rival it until the late 18th century. Today you can explore and learn the city’s great history.
It’s a replica of the first McDonald’s opened by Ray Kroc and it represents the old original style of McDonald’s restaurants. There are old fry vats and milkshake Multimixers, vintage soda barrels and men mannequins in 50s uniforms. In the basement one can find old photos, videos and early McDonald’s ads.
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