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Las Vegas
“What happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas” – the saying calls, which is no surprise. Las Vegas is a symbol of an absolute permissiveness: this city is created in the most liberal, in sense of law, state just to cut loose. This place is for losing a fortune  for one night and for becoming a millionaire by droping a single coin into the one-armed bandit. This place is for legal visiting the brothel or world-know pop-star concert. This place is for getting married, not leaving the hotel, or see all the world’s sights at once… in miniatures. There is always a flowing champagne, blinking buttons of some hundred thousands of slot-machines, sounds of music and tapping of dices hitting the table here. Las Vegas is a Disneyland for adults, and there no good in taking kids here. And there is the main rule that should not be forgotten: the casino always wins.
Las Vegas on the map
The Mandalay Bay is located in the beginning of the Las Vegas Strip and that is why here isn’t so many tourists walking by and much less noise. At the hotel you can get unique experience of gambling at the beach or join a pool party. Live music shows and beach concerts, shark reef – everything for a great entertainment experience.
This museum holds one of the greatest collections of neon signs from the old days of Las Vegas. The most beautiful neon signs of Vegas greatest casinos, bars, shops and nightclubs are all gathered in here and open for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Museum has few restored signs.
It’s a playground for grown-up men (18+ y.o.) where they can freely use any heavy equipment just like a real construction site worker! No certificates needed! You can drive bulldozers and excavators around the desert, dig caves and do whatever you want. It’s one of the most exciting attractions in Vegas!
Unique collection of world’s best and rare pinball machines. More than 400 pinball and other arcade games. Play all you want in this huge place with tons of fun arcades. Even if you not into it too much or inexperienced, just try it and you’ll love it. There is also easy going staff for you, these guys are all pinball enthusiasts.
This hotel is shaped like an ancient Egyptian pyramid and even has its own Sphinx. Because of this interesting architecture the hotel really stands out on the Strip and always attracts lots of tourists. To involve people they have a lot of captivating shows to offer, including best illusionists and dancers.  
This museum is all about nuclear weapon and consequences of its usage. Local exhibits are always educational and captivating. Museum has vast collection of documentary films and texts, special clothing, photos of nuclear explosions and other unique materials related to atomic testing.
It’s one of the most well-known and popular night clubs on the Las Vegas Strip. What’s here for you: huge dance floor, best and the most influential DJ’s, awesome patio on the roof for great outdoor parties. Marquee’s professional dancers are always good at heating the dance floor so it’s really fun there.
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Today it’s the highest tower in the US and the biggest building in Las Vegas. Of course besides an observation tours and spinning restaurant they can offer you some crazy blood-bumping attractions. SkyJump is where you just jump from the 108th floor, and then there are The Big Shot and other thrill rides.
This is the one of the biggest hotels is the world and that is why people want to get rooms here no matter what. It will open Vegas anew for you providing stunning view from above your room. Here they have a whole exhibition of exotic cars, large variety of music and comedy shows.
Bellagio Hotel has one of the most well-known and amazing free attractions among all hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s a fountain show of a top-quality with breathtaking and artistic water flows synchronized with classic music and light. This show is so choreographically complex that you’ll want to see it again and again.
The Mirage Hotel and Casino is located right across the street from Bellagio and to be a good rival for Bellagio’s glorious front fountains show, the Mirage built its own volcano that erupts every hour starting from 19:00. They also have a swimming pool with dolphins and VIP terrace where you can be topless.
The legendary hotel in Las Vegas that is beyond of the word ”luxury”. Venetian themed interior and rooms are filled with gold, marble and extremely expensive furniture. All about this place is extreme including entertainment shows, exhibitions, restaurants and service.
This hotel located near two great hotels New York New York and MGM Grand which is really convenient because you have a really good access to all the interesting things on the Las Vegas Strip. Another good thing about Excalibur is prices. They host few exciting shows for entertainment such as “Tournament of Kings”.
Ultimate extreme, high adrenalin attraction in Vegas featuring all kinds of weapons and army vehicles for you to use. Fire at will and for joy! This is also an exhibition with one of the largest firearms collection. You can get to ride a hammer, fire a mini-gun or CRUSH A CAR WITH A TANK! What other attraction in Vegas can be more amazing?!
If you’re a fan of extreme motorsports racing and speed, like to drive fast and can’t imagine your life without cars then this outstanding large speedway is for you! There are a lot of great racing tracks for major NASCAR and drag racing events. For a few bucks you can even drive couple of laps by yourself!
This place is famous for its entertainment features. Hotel’s entertainment venue hosts tons of high quality shows starring top stand-up comedians and comedy artists, singers and musicians and they also have music show with doppelgangers of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.
Boom! Bang! Loud bangs and explosions, fire is everywhere and awesome music – this is the Volcano, the Mirage’s front attraction. This exciting show is absolutely free and starts at night if the weather isn’t too windy. If you missed an eruption – don’t worry, it erupts every half an hour or so, the schedule may differ though.
One of a kind museum about all kind of organized crimes and police operations against it. Unique collection of guns, stories, crime cases, photos and old newspapers and all other things connected to gangsters. There you can take pictures with a Tommy Gun or picture of yourself on an electric chair.
This nightclub is one of the most comfortable ones in Vegas. You can go crazy on the dance floor, have fun on the beach or just chill in one of the private cabanas.  They even have everything for gamblers on the beach side. Truly amazing place where one can enjoy drinks and music and another may have fun gambling.
Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is really beautiful place that will help you to relax at a daytime and please your ears at night. Live music performances merge with stunning beauty of nature that is truly exposed in this garden by 140 professionals who maintain and arrange all plants and flowers here.  
It’s an abnormal water show much like the “O” but more passionate and artistic yet slower. At least for 4 years Le Reve was voted “Best Production Show in Las Vegas” and is really standing out. Experience this stunning performance that will amaze you to no end.
It’s one of the newest buildings on Las Vegas Strip. Luxurious and elegant design of this hotel is worth $2.7 billion. People can’t even imagine how impressive Wynn Las Vegas is on the inside. They have beautiful paintings everywhere, exclusive golf course, exciting “lake of dreams” show and rare sport cars exhibition.
This is one of the greatest hotels and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, you can easily find it by the fabulous lion statue – a symbol of MGM Grand, they even have a cage with lions inside the building. Besides playing in casino people here are also enjoying clubs, live shows at the stadium, shopping and restaurants.
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