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Liguria on the map
Cinque Terre is the Italian national park, that includes 5 little villages that stand along the Ligurian Sea. Each village preserved its unique atmosphere. A little note: motor transport is prohibited here, so leave your car outside and enjoy walking around. You would love to see old churches and beautiful views.
Genoa has been a port-city since Roman times. It is the birth-place of Christopher Columbus, and it resembles a pie which layers are placed one upon another over the hill that hosts the city. Being the main port of the region, Genoa has always been luxurious, prosperous and lavish city. Brightly painted narrow houses nestle on the slope side-by-side to palaces and rise above church spikes and ruins of the city wall. Dark alleys and narrow, snaking streets hide many mysteries. In a vast harbor shine the cruise liners, so big that small fisherman’s boats got lost against them. Genoa has seen so many times, but it managed to save the evidences of that times to nowadays.
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