London is not just a capital of Great Britain, it’s also one if the main economical, political and cultural capitals of the world. For fifteen hundred years the city learned how to be the first preserving unique traditions. Some of  tourists love the atmosphere of the city, the famous foggy streets and many architectural attractions. Others come here to enjoy the spirit of royal monarchy, visit fashion clubs, restaurants and performances.
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London on the map
It’s the place where the Mayor of London and the London Assembly are working. Except for the building’s political importance it also has rather peculiar design developed by Norman Foster and is often compared to an egg, an onion and even Darth Vader’s helmet. Small part of the building is open for exhibitions and educational visits.
It’s one of the most famous nightclubs in London, it even was on the 1st spot for straight 2 years in DJ Magazine’s “Top 100 Clubs in the World”. Hip hop, drum and bass, house, electro, techno and other music genres played by amazing DJs. Lots of fun and great music on 25,000 ft2 with 3 separate rooms and 3 independent sound systems.
A must-see place for every London tourist. It weren’t so famous if there were nothing amazing to look at, right? Nelson’s Column, the Fourth Plinth, great statues and monuments, Iconic stone lions, incredible fountains with LED lighting. There is always something going on: events, shows and performances.
This unusual high-rising building will surely attract your eye. A commercial skyscraper with beautiful modern design that sits in the middle of London’s financial district surrounded by old low-rise historic buildings. Today The Gherkin is an iconic landmark of London and one of its most popular touristic spots.
Today this building is one of the most beautiful examples of Art Deco in London and it still serves as a meeting place for London’s Masonic Lodges. The library, museum and all the rooms of this building are open for tourists and any other interested people; there are also free tours available.
Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in London, this bridge is a perfect example of Victorian Gothic style architecture. Take great photos of the city and its most famous bridge, get inside and enjoy the informative Tower Bridge Exhibition and some amazing panoramic views over London from the walkway.
Legendary street that is well-known worldwide, it’s also considered the busiest shopping spot in Europe. From large department store chains flagships and big multinational clothing shops to independent ones, Oxford Street has everything on its 1.5 miles (2.4km).
Beautifully green peaceful place right in the heart of London. This Royal Park may be not the biggest but holds the status of the oldest one and is definitely lovely. The park hosts some big annual national celebrations, parades and other events.
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What a place for tourists to visit! It’s a great chance to see one of the few lasting music halls in London and the oldest one in the entire world. Today it’s not function as a music hall but a space for various performances. Take a guided tour to discover great history of this place and its heritage.
Absolutely stunning Anglican church with amazing neoclassical architecture and one of the most famous churches in London. The church is well-known for its regular concerts and great acoustics that bring amazing sound. There is the shop, traditional brass rubbing downstairs, a free exhibition and a café.
A legendary home for an outstanding football team and one of the biggest football stadiums in England. For Arsenal Football Club and their fans this place means a lot and even if you’re not really into football it’s still interesting to visit the Arsenal Museum.
Long time ago this place was a hunting park then in 1433 it became the first enclosed Royal Park in London. Here one can enjoy amazing walks, great views over the City of London and the River Thames, visit the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum.  
It’s one of the best performing arts venues in the UK. This great place houses undeniably genius plays and outstanding actors. If you weren’t fast enough to buy tickets you can still enjoy every play because the theatre broadcasts them live to cinemas.  
This is the key landmark and one of the most well-known symbols of London and the United Kingdom. Big Ben is only a bell in the Elizabeth Tower but it’s often referred to the tower as well. A must-see attraction for any tourist in London and traditional place for many celebrating events.
The Buckingham Palace seems to be the most beautiful palace of London which is also a royal residential place. Changing of guard ceremony is worth seeing from April to August and in August and September when the Queen leaves the Palace it becomes open for tourist. Here you can see famous paintings, a beautiful garden with flamingos that make you think of getting into Alice in Wonderland world.
Founded in 1123 this church is the oldest one in London that still exists and currently in active use. The building escaped the Great Fire of London in 1666 and miraculously stayed undamaged during World War II. It surely is a notable place with great history and interesting monuments, but there is a fee for tourists.
Absolutely amazing place especially for boys and men where you can explore every single exhibit and learn many interesting things about the history of aviation. There are more than 100 aircraft and aviation-related exhibits from earliest aircraft designs to the latest jets.
This park considered as one of the most natural places among other Royal Parks in London since it has no buildings and few small monuments. Even though the Green Park is the smallest Royal Park it’s a popular place for picnics and sunbathing.
This is one of the London’s key buildings and carries more than 900 years of great history. Even today it’s a place of great importance since this is where the House of Lords and the House of Commons debate. You can visit this amazing place and take a guided tour to fully explore it
This stunning marble triumphal arch was built in 19th century and currently is one of the most popular free of charge tourist spot in London. The design of the arch is based on ancient Rome’s Arch of Constantine. Today you can freely pass the arch but in old times only the Royal Family, the King’s Troop and the Royal Horse Artillery were permitted to do so.
The building has one of the Britain’s most notable architectural and landscape features and it also is a World Heritage Site for being the centerpiece of Maritime Greenwich. Not everything is open for public but you still can enjoy the building’s outstanding architecture and interior. The Painted Hall is a must-see.
It’s one of the most famous Royal Parks in London and also one of the largest in the city as well. This amazing green area right in the heart of the City of London offers recreational and sports opportunities. Be sure to visit the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial, Speaker’s Corner and other notable landmarks.
It’s currently the tallest building in Europe. You can get to a viewing gallery or open-air observation deck on the 72nd floor which is 244.3 meters (802ft) above the ground. It’s the highest viewing platform in London so you can basically look all over the city from here at once.
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