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Los Angeles
Take your chance to surf the ocean, relax on the beach or see your favorite celebrities. Where else can you have such time? Only in the City of Angels.
Los Angeles on the map
A unique city architectural model that was built in 1893. Now the building is occupied by the police station, but anyone can come in and see the intricate interior or take a picture with Charlie Chaplin statue.
Majestic beach with clean and beautiful sand, great pier and large volleyball courts area. You absolutely must go and take your time at the pier, be it fishing, meditation or just a little walk. This place is really good for surfing. Check some small shops, bars, restaurants and other cool spots near the pier.
A quite place, where you can ride the bicycle or roller bladders.  Here you can find nice hotels and restaurants that contrast with hippies that live right on the beach.
Getty Villa is a working museum and a scientific center that keeps about 44 000 antiquities of Ancient Greece and Rome. Villa made of travertine and a huge garden is a perfect place for a walk or a glass of wine in a perfect company.
Gamble House was built in 1908 and is a remarkable example of American craft. Plenty of times its porch has served as decorations for Hollywood films. One of the latest films shot here is “Back to Future”.
The biggest California museum is surrounded by the trees of Central garden of the very top of the hill in Santa Monica. The founder of the museum Paul Getty has left a huge collection of masterpieces including the world-famous “Les Iris” by Van Gogh.
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Let your boat go down the Los Angeles canals and fell yourself in Venice. You always have an opportunity to go down to the shore.
If you like retro cars, you will definitely love this museum! If you don’t, enjoy gone and splendid atmosphere of past.
Hollywood is the whole film industry in one location. Big and well-known letters on the hills lead to everyday routine of directors, actors, scriptwriters that are ready to lift the veil.
The greatest attraction here is shuttle Endeavor. Inside the shuttle you can press all the buttons and do whatever you want, same rule works with all the other museum exhibits.
Watts Towers are thrilling in many ways. If you have enough of courage and patience you can get on top. But you should know that there is neither elevator, nor the walls. The Towers are made of steel, covered with glass, mosaics, and intricate painting.
This is a huge sand beach area with many parks, picnic spots, volleyball courts, lifeguard stations, bike and pedestrian paths. The best thing on the beach is famous 100-years old pier where you can enjoy great cafes and attractions. It also offers some unbelievable views on the city and the ocean.
One of the oldest lighthouses in California. Only the tower at the top makes it look like a lighthouse. Otherwise you can take it for a residential building made in beautiful Victorian style.
Each of the three floors of natural History Museum of LA brings you to different centuries. The museum keeps one of the biggest dinosaurs collections that lived here more than 4 billion years ago.
You will be surprised to know how many places here are connected with Walt Disney. The Concert Hall famous with beautiful architecture is also dedicated to him. Very often you may hear that it’s named the House if Music, because this is the home place for the Los Angeles orchestra.
This one of the lead ships during WWII now serves as a historic battleship museum and fully accessible for tours. The ship is famous and gorgeous. She carried Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1943 to the Teheran meeting and even got bathtub for Roosevelt. Today one can walk her beautiful decks and visit its rooms or check the guns.
LACMA stands in the heart of Los Angeles and keeps over 100 000 pieces of art from all around the world. That only makes it the biggest museum in the West of USA. Very often galleries become theater scenes and cinema theatres.
Visitors love this place for all this luxury in the air. Tip class boutiques, supermarkets and expensive hotels – a low price to pay for having a lunch in a company of your beloved celebrity.
One of the biggest amusement parks in the US. They have so many rollercoasters here that the park holds a first place for it in the world. Here you get tons of adventures and adrenaline. There are a lot of rides where you will scream like crazy while trembling with joyful fear and you’ll want to experience it again.
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