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Being an ideal shopping point of the world and the capital of worlds fashion and modern art, Milan seems to live the life of tomorrow’s worldwide trend. But when looked deeper, it becomes clear, that behind the gloss and glass of the today’s capital of northern Italy, the centuries-old history is hidden. This history is embodied in classic Lombard red-stone architecture, antique ruins, medieval basilicas and cloisters. Milan is a fulminating mixture of Italian temper, houte-couture, high-tech and rich history. Exquisite taste, special attitude to the beauty and boisterous life of the city makes one fall in love with it at first sight.
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Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) is the gem of Italy and the 4th largest Catholic church in the world. Its construction lasted for more than 400 years and its result is undoubtedly stunning. Gothic towers and spires rise majestically over the roofs of Milan, and high arches and perfect symmetry of the internal decoration never cease to cause delight and awe.

It is surely possible to spend eternity enjoying the view of this monumental cathedral, just as the views of the city itself, which open from the observation deck on the roof. You can climb there using stairs or the elevator. Not only the view of Milan would interest the visitor but also the design of the roof: the tower is in the Flamboyant Gothic style, created from beautiful white marble, appearing like a magic forest together with the golden spires, glittering in the sun.

Entry fees to the cathedral and to the roof, as well as its opening hours are available on the official website  Preferential terms are available for pupils, students, elderly people, and for pilgrims.
And thus every year, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world visit the Cathedral of Milan, and more than 3 thousand statues adorning its walls, stately observe to what is happening, disdaining the flow of time.
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