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Frauenkirche / Frauenkirche
Frauenkirche or Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is not only monument of Gothic architecture with unusual décor, but also a symbol of Munich, associated with many legends. According to one of them the devil’s footstep is kept in the Cathedral.

Munich Frauenkirche was being built from 1468 to 1525 in the Gothic style, but the facades of the building have unique features. For example, the columns hide the windows and the high towers, crowned with grand domes. Size of the temple is impressive and it is then not surprising that in the Middle Ages it could accommodate all the town-dwellers. The height of the two symmetrical twin towers is 99 meters and they are still the highest buildings in Munich, so you can see the cathedral from almost anywhere in the city.

Frauenkirche is worth visiting even by those who would not consider themselves to be believers. Contemplation of the interiors of churches gives extraordinary aesthetic pleasure, as well as attending organ concerts. Regularly the cathedral offers tours allowing you seeing the most interesting milestones in its history and of course spectacular medieval legends. Schedule of tours and masses is available on the official website of the Frauenkirche It also contains information on the price of admission. Fortunately, even very thrifty tourists would hardly consider it high.
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Photo of Frauenkirche
Photo of Frauenkirche