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New York City
New York – the city that incarnate American idea of the liberty. The informal capital of the USA, despite its brief history, is one of the most important and authoritative city of the world. That is why it is also known as “The capital of the world”. If there is something existing in the world – it definitely exists in New York. This city attracts people from all over the world and types their history in the history of its own. With all their believes, customs and culture. The city of liberty greets those coming by ship with the allegoric image of this liberty and lives its vivid and various life. New York meets everyone in a unique way, but it surely got something unique for every person coming in.
New York City on the map
Ellis Island is a historical place and a landmark for more than 12 mln people who came here to get American citizenship over a century ago.
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Located to the north of Long Island, Brooklyn has made a long way from New York suburbs to one of its regions. Today, it’s an agglomeration with a business center, museums, parks, and bridges worth visiting.
A synonym of whole New York despite the fact that it is just one of its regions. Everything here is superlative – the highest skyscrapers, the most expensive shops and most recognizable sights.
Statue of liberty is a symbol of democracy, freedom, and the national landmark of the USA. At the statue crown, there is a sightseeing platform opening a wonderful view of New York skyline.
One of the oldest suspended bridges of America, the Brooklyn bridge was constructed to be a landmark of the New York City in 1883 and more than a century later it is one of the formidable national landmarks.
The Bronx Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the United States, a large park housing in total 4000 animals and 650 species.
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