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Prague is an incarnation of gothic architecture, the city of thousand spires that hides its medieval mysteries in its somber lanes. Ancient fortress with its striking St. Vitus Cathedral is rising above the red rooftops of the Old City, where narrow streets snaking between its squares tell their long story of Prague full of mysticism, religious wars and rebels, glory days and hard decisions. But Prague is also well-known in another role: this city is said to be the beer capital of Europe. There are a lot of pubs and several private breweries that serve excellent fresh beer and traditional Czech snacks and dishes. That is, probably, why Prague holds its name of one of the most popular tourist places in Europe.
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The Charles Bridge is one of the main sights of Prague, which absorbs tourists and gets them into creative industry of the city. Street musicians play different songs; wind part of heralds may roll from burg walls in any moment. Artist, cartoonists, blacksmiths and needlewomen shill tourists with pretties; languages from all over the world are everywhere. Below, under the bridge walls there is a magnificent river, the Vlatva, at which the statues of saints and ancient towers gaze. Their distinctive silhouette is easily recognizable among all sights of the world.
St. Vitus Cathedral is a magnificent example of medieval Gothic and the national shrine of the Czech Republic. Carved towers of the cathedral towering majestically over the roofs of Prague are the integral and very beautiful part of the scenery of the Czech capital.

From a distance, the walls and towers of the cathedral seem ominous black, but closely they produce a very different impression. You can describe the interior of the Cathedral radiant, bright and happy with its rich gold trim and colorful stained-glass windows through which the sun's rays fall on the altar and walls. The construction of this monumental Cathedral was being conducted for almost 600 years, and it was completed only in 1929. Now the temple is one of the main attractions of Prague, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Czech kings and archbishops are buried on its territory, where also the Crown Jewels are kept.

St. Vitus Cathedral is certainly worth a visit. You can enter it for free, but you need to buy tickets to visit the museum exhibition. The tickets are inexpensive, and they pay off with a lot of impressions you will get visiting the museum. Information on opening hours, schedule tours is to be found on the official website of the Cathedral
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