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Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg is the most European city of Russia and its beauty can be compared with most magnificent cities if Europe. You will fall in love with the lines of the buildings are reflected in Neva waters, in parks, squares, and palaces. This is called a cultural capital of Russia, and so it is with its creative essence that reveals itself in theater and underground life.
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Kazan Cathedral, a magnificent architectural monument in the Empire style and functioning Orthodox church, is located in the heart of St. Petersburg – Nevsky Prospekt. Its main treasure is the icon of the Mother of God, which is considered miraculous. One of the key personalities in Russian history, the famous Field Marshal Kutuzov, is buried in the Cathedral, where also symbols of military glory of the Russian army are stored.

Kazan Cathedral is one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg. The sight of its magnificent front facade with colonnade is well known far beyond the borders of Russia. Every day the temple is visited not only by worshipers and pilgrims but also by tourists from around the world, admiring the splendor of its interior and painting of its domes. The entry to the Cathedral is free at any time of the day.

When planning a visit, it is worth to consider that during religious holidays and the hours of worship services the Cathedral can be filled with believers. Check schedule of services on the official site of the Kazan Cathedral - Before entering the cathedral, men should uncover their heads and women put on a shawl. Often, visitors can become witness religious sacraments, in particular the wedding ceremony in the Orthodox manner, which is especially solemn in the walls of such monumental structures.
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Vasilievsky Island is the biggest island in St. Petersburg with palaces, universities, churches and temples, museums and architecture memorials dated 18-20th island go across the bars, small parks, and apartments of the pre-soviet times and the real life of the city.
Admiralty Wharf goes from the Palace Bridge up to the Senate Square along the shores of Neva river. Walk down and touch the copper lions – most famous lions in St.Petersburg. From the wharf you can see the Kunstkamera museum, the Palace and Annunciation Bridges.
Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is a massive and majestic architectural monument, which was laboriously built for 40 years. Its interior and decor of the facade amaze a visitor with their grandeur and beauty. Stunning and breathtaking views opens from the cathedral’s colonnade at any time of the year.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the symbols of St. Petersburg and it is not surprising that many guests of the Northern capital are so eager to visit it. Visiting hours of the Cathedral vary depending on the time of year, you can find out more on the official website -  It also provides information on the cost of the tickets for all categories of visitors. To visit the Cathedral and the Colonnade would be needed to purchase different tickets. Their price is low and it surely pays off with the impressions that this monumental structure gives, towering over the city at 101.5 m. One should bear in mind that the ascending the colonnade along the narrow spiral staircase will require some physical preparation.

The cathedral offers a variety of themed tours. It is as well possible to enjoy a sumptuous frescoes, mosaics and sculptural elements on one’s own and get lost in thoughts of eternity.
Nevsky prospect is the thoroughfare of St. Petersburg. This street is famous for its splendid architecture and never-ending flow of people. Here you can feel the spirit of the city, enjoy shopping, music of street bands, nice cuisine and the artistic interiors of coffee houses.
The Griboyedov Canal goes through the central part of the city with famous cathedrals and old-time houses built in 18-19 centuries on the shores. All of them are somehow connected with historic figures of Russia. Here you can feel the spirit of life, listen to some music or talk to foreigners.
Hermitage is the biggest group of museums that lies in the heart of Saint Petersburg. Each of them with the Winter palace ahead of all, keeps amazing paintings, ancient Egyptian artifacts and world-famous sculptures. The walls seem to be whispering you the stories about Russian history that used to be a home place for the Russian Emperors.
St. Isaac Square is one of the most beautiful squares of the city with its magnificent palaces, hotels and monuments. You can see it as well as Nikolai I and the Blue bridge from the St. Isaac Colonnade.
Aleksander Nevski Monastery is a group of buildings that include the fratry, old-time churches and necropolis where artists and public persons who lived in 18-20 centuries that now rest in peace here. Most famous of them are Dostoevsky, Chaikovsky, Tovstoganov.
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