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San Francisco
This is one of the most beautiful and inspirational cities in the US. It has awesome friendly atmosphere and lots of entertainment features. The city is well-known around the world for its hills, cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge and the biggest Chinatown in the world. You may fall in love with San Francisco at the first sight.
San Francisco on the map
Seven tiny Victorian houses all with doll-size balconies, little towers and cozy porches.  These houses are so similar that are called “sisters”.
The symbol of San Francisco is two km long and is called “Golden Gate Bridge” which is the gate from the Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay. Even when weather is fine, the bridge may be folded in mist.
You’ll probably see Chinatown in every USA big city, but the one in San Francisco is the biggest. Trying national food or tasting Chinese tea is no problem here!
The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most well-known bridges in the world but not everyone knows that there is a beautiful recreation area near it. There you will find dozens of exciting recreational features including hiking and camping. It’s a great world of nature with many different ecosystems and animals.
A great place foe a walk. here you can everything a tourist only might want: souvenirs, cafes, shops and restaurants.  And let’s not forget about seals that dwell here for a long time.
Can you imagine the most winding road ever! And now imagine it to be in the center of San Francisco! No wonder, the speed limit is 8 km/hr here.
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Asian Art Museum is right in front of the City Hall and keeps lots of objects of Asian culture. Here you can buy pretty and exclusive souvenirs and see the exhibits for free!
The pond with ducks, roman-style architecture and intricate gardens make it a perfect place for quiet rest.
Haight Street is an 18 blocks long central street in SF, where you can find very unusual private shops and night clubs. Any time of day and night you can talk to local people that literally live right in the street.
That’s a pretty creepy place that is even creepier at night time. Alcatraz is a jail that is impossible to escape as it lies in the middle of the water. The only lucky prisoners were Frank Morris and his gang who escaped in 1962.
An iconic building and a landmark of San Francisco. This former ship terminal is a huge market, where you can buy fresh seafood, bread, cheese, etc.
It’s not a film! These are twin hills in San Francisco. Standing on the top, you can have a great view of Downtown.
Castro is one of the first and today the biggest region in the USA where the sex minorities live.
City Hall of San Francisco is open for visiting. And there are lots of things worth seeing! City Hall is a great finding for photographers and artists.  
The museum gathers all the fans and characters of Walt Disney Museum. The title says it’s a great place for a family weekend.
American copy of Legion of Honor in Paris. It is built to commemorate the heroes of the First  World War and keeps a huge amount European works of art including over 70 Rodin sculptures.
Fisherman’s Warf is one of the city landmarks. From this point, you can see Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge. Some more facts: it’s worth visiting on the Independence Day and there’s another tourist attraction – since 1980 here lives a trump that loves scaring people jumping out of bushes.
The best place if you want to spend some quite minutes our hours enjoying the view of ocean or Golden Gate bridge, or walking along the rocks going down to the shore.
Cable cars are so special in San Francisco. Enjoy riding the step board or take a front seat and enjoy the view.
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