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Santiago is a capital of Chile, embosomed with mountains. Ambitious skyscrapers compete with high mountains, and city lights twinkle creates an incredible panorama view. Santiago, founded by conquistadors, is a dynamic and energetic city, which keeps on living around the clock and has plenty of amusements. Castles and museums are found side by side with atmospheric restaurants with national Chilean dishes and exotic fruit.
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The Biblioteca Nacional de Chile is one of the most important and comprehensive libraries in the country. Located in Santiago, the library holds over 5 million volumes and offers access to a rich collection of books, magazines, newspapers, maps and other printed materials. It also houses numerous other resources, such as digital databases, audio-visual material and archives. Visitors to the library can explore its many sections, including the Latin American Room, the Rare Books Room, the National Art Gallery, the Music Library and the Children’s Room. For those who are interested in learning more about Chilean culture, the library also hosts a variety of events, seminars and talks throughout the year. With so much to offer, the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile is an essential destination for any visitor to Santiago to explore.
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