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Santiago de Compostela on the map
The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is a revered Catholic sacred place, a magnificent temple with a thousand years of history, attracting thousands of tourists and pilgrims. Majestic, monumental and richly decorated cathedral is not without some medieval gloom, which only enhances the spirit and environment of the era, something that every of its visitors would admire.

St. James Cathedral was rebuilt several times, so that all 4 of his facades look different and decorated with statues of various ages. The style of the late Baroque with its rich details prevails in the design. Inside the beautiful medieval murals and frescoes are preserved, however, many would find the relics of St. James the Apostle as the main treasure of the cathedral. The huge censer of a size of a human, hanging from the ceiling, is another attraction of the Cathedral.

A beautiful architectural complex, preserving the past, has been formed around the Cathedral. You can admire its view from the tower of the Cathedral, having climbed up stairs.

Entrance to the Cathedral is free, but to visit the museum and observation deck you need buy a ticket. Opening hours, mass schedule and individual and group excursions are listed on the official website Visitors are offered a combined ticket, the cost of which is rather high, but they allow you to visit several excursions and fully explore the history and the interiors of the cathedral. By the way, archaeological excavations are carried out on its territory, which can also be visited by purchasing a combined ticket.
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