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St. Charles's Church / Karlskirche
Karlskirche, an amazing and unusual church, was built in the eighteenth century to commemorate the victory over the terrible plague epidemic. The church’s appearance, resembling the features of Roman, Greek and Baroque architecture, rivets eyes with its beauty and elegance of the interior decoration symbolizing the triumph of the human spirit.

Karlskriche in Vienna is considered to be an outstanding example of Viennese baroque. Its picturesque silhouette dominates the Karlsplatz, the main square of the Austrian capital, presenting a magnificent sight at any time, including at night, when Vienna ignites its magical lights. Monumental dome of the temple is flanked by two columns in the Roman style, decorated with bas-reliefs, performed by of skillful masters. Tourists often take them for Muslim minaret towers.

The interior of the Karlskirche cannot be called pompous and luxurious, there is no diversity of colors and patterns, but the frescoes by famous artists of their time create the distinguished charm and elegance. Examine them closely, ascending the dome of the church by a glass elevator. It also provides great views of the city. Opening hours Karlskirche and entrance fees listed on her official website
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Photo of St. Charles's Church
Photo of St. Charles's Church
Photo of St. Charles's Church