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State of California on the map
Fort Ross is a Historic Park and a former Russian settlement. Hard to believe that cute Russian-style houses are in the heart of California.
In Bodie, there are no cars, because hare are now traffic lights. There are no sellers or buyers  because there are no shops. Bodie – is the ghost town that many centuries ago was a pure Wild West town with cowboys and saloons.
Laguna Beach is a city of California best known for its beautiful pacific beaches.
Being a home to lord William Carson over a century ago, now Carson mansion is a private club. It is famous due to being the biggest sample of Victorian architecture style.
If you are a tourist and going to visit Sacramento, you will find here whatever you want. The most interesting is Old Sacramento with its archaized houses.
One can call Ojai a country town with population not more than 8 thousand people that changed the rich life of LA to peaceful life among orange trees.  This city is very often shot in TV programs and films.
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This gem has one of the most beautiful side views in the United States. You will drive 655 miles (1055km) alongside stunning shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. There are mountains, gorgeous beaches, lots of interesting small shops and road cafes, and, of course, the ocean breeze – all is for your joyful ride.
This is one of the most beautiful and inspirational cities in the US. It has awesome friendly atmosphere and lots of entertainment features. The city is well-known around the world for its hills, cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge and the biggest Chinatown in the world. You may fall in love with San Francisco at the first sight.
A pretty and vast sand beach where you can enjoy the fresh ocean breeze, some great views and fishing. Some people even find place for surfing and they like it here. Better go to the 400-meters pier and take some awesome shots of the ocean, the shore and the city. And pelicans…they are regulars here.
The symbols of pacific Grove are orange and black butterflies, Point Pinos lighthouse and nice rows of Victorian houses.
The park of 165 amusements is a theme amusement park where you can feel the spirit of wild-wild west.
Take your chance to surf the ocean, relax on the beach or see your favorite celebrities. Where else can you have such time? Only in the City of Angels.
Best time for visiting the biggest USA national park is winter and spring. You will see the nature coming to life and beauty.
This city is totally beautiful and has everything for a great vacation. There is always nice weather, awesome food and lots of events, especially classical music concerts. Santa Barbara is famous for its Spanish architecture and lovely beaches. The city also has interesting attractions and museums to visit.
It’s a great attraction that allows you to see all kind of animals from over the world up-close in their natural-like habitats. There are more than 300 animal and 3,500 plant species living in the open. You have several ways to explore each habitat from bus tours to Jungle Ropes and Flightline Safari.
Shasta is a mountain and a stratovolcano on the top of the Cascade Range covered with ice caps. According to local beliefs, the name of the mountain came from the Russian word “happiness”.
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