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State of Nevada on the map
It’s a beautiful valley in the Ruby Mountains that was thoroughly sculpted by glaciers many years ago. The place isn’t well-known and you can peacefully enjoy hiking, camping or driving. The Lamoille Canyon Scenic Drive is one of the most interesting drives in Nevada, many people drive there in October to look at the trees.
This ghost town is one of the most popular ones and has lots of great ruins to show. The town was crowded during the gold rush and lasted from 1905 to 1920. Banks, hotels, a school, the red light district, a hospital are all in ruins except for the Bottle House and the train station.
It’s a 726-foot concrete arch-gravity dam located near Las Vegas on the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada. You can visit the dam for free and enjoy some great views of Lake Mead from the overlook decks or just stare down the Colorado River. There are also good guided power plant tours.  
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The place is just 15 miles outside of Las Vegas and it’s really worth your time. Stunning views of the red cliffs and blooming plants.  There are lots of hiking trails you can take as well as mountain and road biking, rock climbing etc. You can also enjoy the 13-miles scenic drive and all the features alongside it.
In the USA this city is known as “The Biggest Little City in the World” mainly because of its casinos and other entertainment features. The city is located near the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe which makes it a great destination for recreation. Every September the Reno State Airport hosts the air racing championship.  
The lake is gorgeous and serves home for a lot of animals and fish, including ancient Cui-ui fish that can be found only here. This area is well maintained by Paiute people and you can visit one of their exhibitions. Great place for camping, hiking, boating and fishing and of course the view is unbelievable.
“What happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas” – the saying calls, which is no surprise. Las Vegas is a symbol of an absolute permissiveness: this city is created in the most liberal, in sense of law, state just to cut loose. This place is for losing a fortune  for one night and for becoming a millionaire by droping a single coin into the one-armed bandit. This place is for legal visiting the brothel or world-know pop-star concert. This place is for getting married, not leaving the hotel, or see all the world’s sights at once… in miniatures. There is always a flowing champagne, blinking buttons of some hundred thousands of slot-machines, sounds of music and tapping of dices hitting the table here. Las Vegas is a Disneyland for adults, and there no good in taking kids here. And there is the main rule that should not be forgotten: the casino always wins.
It’s an awesome and huge man made lake near Las Vegas that is always fun to visit. There are many kinds of water sports to enjoy including water skiing, kayaking, diving, jet skiing and boating. The scenery here is totally amazing and you can even take a close look at the dam from the water. Hiking and camping are also popular.
This National Park will surprise you with all the wonderful trees and plants that bring this place unique flavor. Here you can climb on 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak, walk into stunning and mysterious Lehman Caves or enjoy the Bristlecone Trails where 5,000 year old trees grow.
SR 375 is no ordinary state highway, it was officially designated as the Extraterrestrial Highway in 1996. Near the road there is legendary top-secret Area 51 within the Nellis Air Force Range and many people reported UFO s and alien activity near this place. Visit the town of Rachel for cool souvenirs and dinner.
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