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St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the symbol of Vienna and the Austrian national treasure that is simply impossible to overlook during your visit. The height of the South Tower of the Cathedral is 132 m and its observation deck offers a magnificent view of Vienna.

Being built in 14th-16th centuries, St. Stephen's Cathedral was rebuilt several times, so its appearance discerns the features of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The facade of the building is decorated with few sculptures and a sundial. Interiors are decorated in the Baroque style, abounding in details. Interest is the roof of the cathedral is interesting for its unusual pattern. Tourists are also attracted by the catacombs St. Stephen's Cathedral, where in the XVIII century more than 11 thousand people were buried.

Located in the heart of Vienna, the musical capital of Europe, the Cathedral is the venue for concerts and festivals. Here you can hear the melodies of Mozart performed by symphony orchestras, as well as enjoy the sounds of the organ.

Concert schedule, opening hours and ticket prices to St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna can be found on its official website
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