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Even the name of it tastes delicious and exquisite like the eponymous cheeze originating from this village. Be sure to taste local cheeze — it’s best where it’s made. Another temptation for gourmands is blackberries with cream. Apart from gourmet pleasures, there’s a lot to see, starting from picturesque Gruyères castle and Le Calvaire art gallery to an outstanding H. R. Giger Museum and completely unexpected here Tibet Museum.
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The city of Bern is an actual capital of Switzerland, which keeps an amazing medieval building-up with turrets and tiled roofs. There is an astronomical clock on the Zytgloggeturm bell tower, which situated in the center of the Old Town, the house, where Albert Einstein lived and made scientific discoveries, and bright Geranium Festival, which is celebrated in spring.
Zurich - this ancient city on the coast of the lake kept its charm and got the status of one of the largest financial and currency capitals in the world. Modern business life stands in contrast with stone buildings, dozens of museums, but fits in steady and well-organized German routine. Ritzy restaurants, galleries and antique shops with lot of trifles attract tourists; and street musicians work among evening lights will undoubtedly touch their feelings.
A small secluded village in the Alps, Lauterbrunnen offers truly spectacular views of mountains looking down at the village streets. Do not miss its famous waterfalls, Staubbach and Trümmelbach and be sure to take a cable road ride — rows of snowcapped mountain peaks look fantastic, just as the green valley below. Local lanscapes inspired quite a number of J.R.R.Tolkien’s watercolours of Rivendell.
Lucerne is a marvelous city on the coast of the lake of the same name, which in case of a nice weather becomes a place for boating. Local landscapes dazzle whether they are beauties of nature or human work. The Chapel Bridge made of wood (Kapellbrücke), the Ritterscher Palace, churches and temples are really amazing. There is a part of a medieval wall with observation towers, which show a great panorama of the city.
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