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The Turquoise Coast - a wonderful place in sparsely populated Western Australia. Beautiful sandy beaches, lapped by the waters of the Indian Ocean, are not crowded, allowing to get rid of the bustle of civilization and get lost in the contemplation of the surrounding beauty. Surfers, snorkelers, fishermen, paddlers and fans of many other water sports can relax and enjoy waves here. You can reach the beaches from the city of Perth.
White Heaven Beach surely lives up to its name. Because of the unusual composition of the sand, the beach shines dazzling whiteness, which contrasts with the brightness of the ocean waters and lush greenery. White Heaven stretches for 7 km, offering a perfect place for a relaxed holiday.
Cala Golorittse is a rock-sand beach on the north-east of Sardinia with the purest water and the picturesque coast. The beach has a status of a national landmark of Italy, which allows protecting and keeping the beach it intact. From all sides the beach is surrounded by cliffs, which are ideally suitable for tracking.
Beach of Hendaye is a beach, which stretches for 3 km beach on the Bay of Biscay. The smallest white sand creates a pleasant palette combined with the sea waters and verdant cliffs flanking the shore. Hendaye beach is very popular among tourists, and in the city itself is rich with historical attractions.
El Nido is a seashore town and the reservation near a Philippine island Palawan and archipelago containing smaller island by it. It is not so easy to get here but it is definitely worth trying, as the long way to El Nido will be rewarded with unforgettable impression. El Nido is a gate to the Conan Doyle’s “Lost World” turned into reality. Sharp cliffs rising from the water, covered with wild verdure and hiding numerous grottos and inner lakes. Secluded secret white-sand beaches just at the line of impassable jungles where thousands of birds that gave name to El Nido nest. And of course the clear azure sea full of exotic species. El Nido is the world that can be only imagined by a fiction writer. But it really exists.
What a great place to spend your holiday! You can bask in sunshine lying on beautiful sand beach and enjoying spectacular view over the ocean. Crystal waters, amazing reefs and vast ocean life is what people love here. Get ready for outstanding marine experience.    
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