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Ipanema Beach is a beach in Rio de Janeiro, famous for the song "The Girl from Ipanema". The beach is also a famous place of subcultures, however, the place is also perfect for family vacations because the beach is known for the lack of strong waves and surf. From the sandy shores opens a magnificent view of the rocks, the water surface of the ocean, and sunsets.
What a great place to spend your holiday! You can bask in sunshine lying on beautiful sand beach and enjoying spectacular view over the ocean. Crystal waters, amazing reefs and vast ocean life is what people love here. Get ready for outstanding marine experience.    
Epicenter of nightlife in Miami and luxurious place to party for rich and very rich people. At daytime you can relax at the beach or visit Art Deco District. People love this district for art galleries and unique architecture. If you’re in Miami on a Friday night, be sure to go straight to Ocean Drive where fun driving people crazy.
Cala Fuili is a paradise on the shores of the Gulf of Orosei in Sardinia. To reach this wild beach you need to take a fairly steep descent on the stone steps, which offer a wonderful view on the beach and the sea. The shore is dotted with large pebbles mixed with sand and the picturesque rocks surging from sea water.
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