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Hearst Castle is a result of a 28-year long work of architects and a radiant beauty. Rancho consists of four houses – a House of Sun, a House of Mountain, a House of Sea and a Great House. Each is decorated with antiquities and one of them has a huge swimming pool decorated by Venetian tile with golden covering.
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This is one of the London’s key buildings and carries more than 900 years of great history. Even today it’s a place of great importance since this is where the House of Lords and the House of Commons debate. You can visit this amazing place and take a guided tour to fully explore it
The Buckingham Palace seems to be the most beautiful palace of London which is also a royal residential place. Changing of guard ceremony is worth seeing from April to August and in August and September when the Queen leaves the Palace it becomes open for tourist. Here you can see famous paintings, a beautiful garden with flamingos that make you think of getting into Alice in Wonderland world.
Zwinger is a group of four palaces that were formed at the base of the former medieval fortress. Now here is the Dresden Picture Gallery, the Museum of Porcelain, and the armoury. The palace architecture is also very remarkable as it is very light almost merges with the sky.
Schönbrunn is a Vienne masterpiece which used as a residence of the Austrian emperors. The example of baroque architecture, the palace has a huge garden with the oldest zoo in the world. Halls of the palace are very impressive and open for tourists, too.
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