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Zaragoza’s main attraction and one of the most beautiful temples in the world, designed in the Baroque style. Its graceful towers and domes towering over the city, and their silhouettes are clearly visible on the magnificent background of the Spanish sunset sky, leaving any visitor in the delight and admiration.

Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar is functioning temple, so the entrance here is free. Daily long queues of pilgrims line up near the center of the basilica - jasper columns, topped with a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary with the baby in her arms. Masses and ceremonies, including christenings and weddings, are regularly held in the temple. It is therefore advised to check their schedule to choose the most convenient hours for visiting the Basilica, to do so please read the information on its official website

To visit the Basilica it is recommended take more than one hour, as the decor of its interiors and facades are incredibly rich and diverse. Explore the marvels of the masters, worked here, among whom was famous Goya. And enjoy the splendid view of the incredibly beautiful Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar in the evening lights of Zaragoza and the temple’s illumination.
Karlskirche, an amazing and unusual church, was built in the eighteenth century to commemorate the victory over the terrible plague epidemic. The church’s appearance, resembling the features of Roman, Greek and Baroque architecture, rivets eyes with its beauty and elegance of the interior decoration symbolizing the triumph of the human spirit.

Karlskriche in Vienna is considered to be an outstanding example of Viennese baroque. Its picturesque silhouette dominates the Karlsplatz, the main square of the Austrian capital, presenting a magnificent sight at any time, including at night, when Vienna ignites its magical lights. Monumental dome of the temple is flanked by two columns in the Roman style, decorated with bas-reliefs, performed by of skillful masters. Tourists often take them for Muslim minaret towers.

The interior of the Karlskirche cannot be called pompous and luxurious, there is no diversity of colors and patterns, but the frescoes by famous artists of their time create the distinguished charm and elegance. Examine them closely, ascending the dome of the church by a glass elevator. It also provides great views of the city. Opening hours Karlskirche and entrance fees listed on her official website
St. Peter’s Basilica is the world’s largest Christian church, is the heart and the spirit of the Vatican and one of the main centers of the Catholic faith. The Basilica is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Rome not least due to the fact that the great masters Raphael and Michelangelo worked on it.

The Basilica is visited annually by millions of people from all over the world, so the queue for entrance is quite impressive. When planning a visit to this temple it is advisable to have a bottle of drinking water with you, especially if you want to climb the dome, with a magnificent view of the Eternal City. The height of the famous dome of St. Peter reaches 114 m, so Rome is just spread before your eyes. From here you can also see the cathedral itself and its dome. Being a true work of art, it is replete with decorative details, in particular with mosaics, sculptures, and reliefs. The interior of the Cathedral is incredibly rich in details as well. With this abundabce of details you can truly enjoy and appreciate it perhaps only with the help of a guide who would tell you about the most fascinating facts from the history of the cathedral.

Visitors can pray under the majestic arches since masses held here regularly. Information about the services is available on the official site of the Vatican
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, located in the heart of Florence, was built in the distinctive style of the Quattrocento in white and green marble. Presenting the art of Florentine artists, famous throughout the world, the structure of the cathedral appeared light and airy. Its décor looks so delicate and fragile that it seems as if the building is constructed of fragile porcelain.
Entry to this magnificent monument of architecture is free of charge since the cathedral is functioning, having regular services. The official website includes the schedule of masses They are free to attend, but one should take care of the appropriate appearance, in particular, women are advised to have knee length skirts and cover shoulders.

You will need to buy tickets to visit the museum, the Baptistery, and to climb the observation deck of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. It offers a stunning view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. To get to the observation deck on the dome, however, the magnificent view is definitely worth the effort.

The interior of the cathedral has retained the entourage of the Early Renaissance and it surely is worth all of the visitors’ attention. For more than 500 years, the time here moves its own way, because of its unusual clock ticking: the clock’s hand moves in the opposite direction.
Nidaros Cathedral is a magnificent example of early medieval architecture which combined Romanesque and Gothic styles in a single harmonious ensemble. The largest Cathedral is the in northern Europe serves as the coronation place of Norwegian kings. This monumental structure strikes with its strict majesty.

Nidaros Cathedral offers a splendid view both outside and inside. Its pointed towers superbly fit into the landscape and look picturesque at any time of the year. The interiors are decorated with colored glass windows, through which the sun’s rays make their way. This sight is especially stunning during organ concerts.

On the territory of the cathedral there is a museum where relics of the bishops and the royal regalia are kept. You can see them having bought a ticket or visiting tour with a professional guide. Tickets and opening hours of the cathedral are listed on its official website in the relevant sections and GB / visit + us / opening + hours / opening + hours.html.

When you visit Nidaros Cathedral it is certainly worth climbing up the tower, which offers a wonderful view on the old Trondheim. Climbing the narrow staircase of 172 steps will require some physical work, but the result is definitely worth it.
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