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About me: Shegby concierge bot (working 24/7) will help you if you can't find the Local person (or service) you need
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Legendary street that is well-known worldwide, it’s also considered the busiest shopping spot in Europe. From large department store chains flagships and big multinational clothing shops to independent ones, Oxford Street has everything on its 1.5 miles (2.4km).
Museum Quarters in Vienna includes several museums with various expositions of modern arts. Here you always may find various festivals, concerts, expos. Inner yard of this complex is the favourite leisure place for city dwellers and Austrian capital guests.
This is a beachfront neighborhood of Honolulu that became famous mostly for its awesome beach area called Waikiki Beach. If you like surfing and any kind of beach activities, fun parties and cool restaurants you better see this place and stay there at least for a week.
Les Champs-Élysées is a central avenue and the main shop window of Paris running for about 2 km. Here you can see everything France is famous for: the Élysée Palace, monuments celebrating Napoleon's victories, world-famous boutiques, luxury hotels, beautiful fountains and graceful architecture.
Admiralty Wharf goes from the Palace Bridge up to the Senate Square along the shores of Neva river. Walk down and touch the copper lions – most famous lions in St.Petersburg. From the wharf you can see the Kunstkamera museum, the Palace and Annunciation Bridges.
Hollywood is the whole film industry in one location. Big and well-known letters on the hills lead to everyday routine of directors, actors, scriptwriters that are ready to lift the veil.
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