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The fairytale city on the Danube River, Vienna is the capital of Austria and the home of Habsburg dynasty that left behind all the architectural wonders that became an aim for the tourists from all over the world. Vienna impressed many famous composers: Mozart, Beethoven and Shubert for their best masterpieces. No surprise that today Vienna hosts many galleries and museums of modern art in its Museum Quarter. Vienna’s spirit is an unhurried elegance, romance and music, secluded nooks and rustling parks. It’s quite easy to miss the conception that Vienna is today’s most dynamically developing city of Europe, that easily takes new ideas and technologies and puts it into its values system.
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This is probably one of the most famous coffee-house in the Austrian capital – cafe Central. In the end of XIX century it was a common place to meet representatives of cultural, scientific and political beau monde of Vienna. Just one hundred years ago Leo Trotsky was one of its common visitors.
Historical centre of modern Vienna is surrounded by one of its biggest streets - Ringstrasse. Many years ago instead of Ringstrasse there were city walls built in XIII century and demolished in 1850s by the decision of Emperor Franz-Joseph. He was the one who decide to make this particular territory to become administrative centre of the capital.
Viennese Burgtheatre at the moment is one of the leading European theatres. It was founded in 1741 by Empress maria-Theresa. Current building was build in 1888. In general the repertoire consisted of classic plays written by world known dramaturgists including Russians.
To visit Vienna and did not try sweets made in confectionery Demel – what could be worth?! Cakes Zaher, Demel, Anna, Esterhasi, Dobosh, gingerbread, Viennese strudel – all these sweets are waiting for you there. Brand dessert Demel which is violet’s petals coated with sugar was favourite sweets for many members of Hapsburg dynasty.
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Viennese Town Hall building was build in eclectic style combining Gothic, neo-Gothic, and baroque. The main hall has sculptures portraying the most famous people of the city. Every year numerous balls, expos, concerts are held in the Viennese Town Hall. There is an interesting sculpture on the top of the Viennese Town hall tower which is guardian Rathausmann wearing armours.
Museum Quarters in Vienna includes several museums with various expositions of modern arts. Here you always may find various festivals, concerts, expos. Inner yard of this complex is the favourite leisure place for city dwellers and Austrian capital guests.
Schönbrunn is a Vienne masterpiece which used as a residence of the Austrian emperors. The example of baroque architecture, the palace has a huge garden with the oldest zoo in the world. Halls of the palace are very impressive and open for tourists, too.
Graben is one of the oldest streets of the Austrian capital. This street is meant for the pedestrians only, it has many cozy cafes, restaurants, and shops. Its main sightseeing are Joseph’s fountain, Leopold fountain, Plaque Column, and the Saint Stephan Cathedral.
Expo pavilion Secession is a wonderful architectural memorial of modernist era in Austria. Its building was founded by the finance of local artists. The building itself has eight columns, a dome of golden bronze, the statue of Medusa Gorgon with three head, which is supposed to symbolize an alliance of sculpture, architecture, and painting.
St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the symbol of Vienna and the Austrian national treasure that is simply impossible to overlook during your visit. The height of the South Tower of the Cathedral is 132 m and its observation deck offers a magnificent view of Vienna.

Being built in 14th-16th centuries, St. Stephen's Cathedral was rebuilt several times, so its appearance discerns the features of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The facade of the building is decorated with few sculptures and a sundial. Interiors are decorated in the Baroque style, abounding in details. Interest is the roof of the cathedral is interesting for its unusual pattern. Tourists are also attracted by the catacombs St. Stephen's Cathedral, where in the XVIII century more than 11 thousand people were buried.

Located in the heart of Vienna, the musical capital of Europe, the Cathedral is the venue for concerts and festivals. Here you can hear the melodies of Mozart performed by symphony orchestras, as well as enjoy the sounds of the organ.

Concert schedule, opening hours and ticket prices to St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna can be found on its official website
The maria-Theresa Square was named after wife of the Emperor Franz I Stephan. Its main sightseeing is the Empress statue. There are three museums with collections, that include works of famous European artists, Egyptian mummies and tombs, and also mummified animals and birds.
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