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Washington DC
Washington, D.C. is a heart of American democracy, arena of political struggle and social life. Here fateful decisions both for the USA and other countries of the world are taken. However, not only the White House, which is open to the public, attracts tourists, but also memorials, parks, museums and the atmosphere of the city itself – hasteless and trouble-free.
Washington DC on the map
This commemorate heroic actions of 400 000 Americans who served in World War II. The memorial is full of symbolism – two triumphal arches that look at each other is a commemoration of armed forces campaigns in Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean; 4048 stars on the Freedom Wall representing 400 480 Americans who died during WWII.
The oldest part of Washington, D. C. Take a walk on the streets and you can enjoy unique view that represents old town – vast variety of buildings from 19th century. Georgetown University is located in the center of Georgetown so you can spot here a lot of pubs and young people. It’s a very lively place.  
Popular place for family recreation in Washington, DC. The place is fabulous and welcoming, frequently offers nice exhibitions and educational programs. Come to experience the stunning view from the catwalk; vast conservatories; and captivating desert and jungle themed areas.
Legendary figure of the man that spent his life fighting for equality, freedom and love in America. His memorial is one of the latest units in West Potomac Park has address 1964 Independence Avenue that linked to the date of the Civil Rights Act. Make sure to look at the 9-meter tall statue of this man and his quotes.
This is one of the most interactive and educational museums in Washington, D. C and they have really huge collection of exhibits about journalism. On its 7 floors you will find all kinds of journals, newspapers, films and photos from all around the world. It’s unique opportunity to compare international newspapers.
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It’s one of the greatest and complex research and educational institution in the USA with its own large scale museums all across the country. It does look amazing on the outside and especially on the inside with courtyard and glass roof. There are so many things to do and museums to visit that you’ll need few days strolling around.
Today this is one of the most visited museums in the USA and the whole world. It’s devoted to horrors of the Holocaust and hatred towards Jews that were tormented by the Nazis. The museum has one of the greatest collections of exhibits of the Holocaust history, including photos, films, documents, notes and diaries.
It’s the National Historic Site that includes the Petersen House and the theatre. This is where Abraham Lincoln was shot and died. Today there is the theatre’s museum where you can learn about the tragedy and see the Derringer pistol, Booth’s diary and other items related to the assassination or Lincoln’s history.
This astonishing gallery has so many art masterpieces from Europe and other parts of the world that you feel totally overwhelmed by its complex beauty and superiority. One part hosts exhibitions with paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to XIX century and the other one has modern exhibits.
This is one of the most entertaining and exciting of the Smithsonian museums in Washington. They always have interesting exhibitions and events going on, you can learn so many things about aviation and astronauts here that 4 or 5 hours would fell like a mere 5 minutes. Huge place with really great exhibits!
This place was made to keep and maintain all of the government and historical records of the USA and today it is accessible for tourists. They have rare original copies of the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as well as the one of the four copies of the Magna Carta (a text from 1215).
This memorial is an embodiment of respect and prayers for the 16th US president and the “savior of Unity”, Abraham Lincoln. It is full of symbols that represent his greatest achievements. There are 36 pillars - for 36 of the states that were united at the moment of Lincoln death, and 2 most powerful of his speeches.
The key building in Washington D, C. It serves not political meanings alone but educational one as well. It’s one of the most important museums in the USA. All of the US history is represented through many exhibits here, including pictures, paintings, statues, documents and so on. To visit the museum you need to register beforehand.
It’s the one of the biggest arboretums in the USA. The place is impressive not only because of its vast landscape but also has amazing variety of plants, flowers and trees that were perfectly divided and arranged into theme areas. You can’t believe that this oasis is near downtown.
This interesting historic art museum is a part of the Smithsonian Institution that concentrates on the America’s origins and the country’s greatest figures. This museum is the one of the two existing places that has portraits of every United States’ president. You can also spot here other rare and awesome exhibits.
The museum is open for every person to visit 364 days a year for absolutely free. It has so many collections that you can’t even count how many cool stuff they have…we counted and it’s 126 million exhibits - minerals, plants, fossils (DINOSAURS!), meteorites and human culture artifacts.
It is one of the largest libraries in the world. The library has several buildings with vast collections of rare documents, books, newspapers, audio, maps and other educational materials. Anyone past 16 can get access to the books and explore the library for free.
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