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Washington DC
Washington, D.C. is a heart of American democracy, arena of political struggle and social life. Here fateful decisions both for the USA and other countries of the world are taken. However, not only the White House, which is open to the public, attracts tourists, but also memorials, parks, museums and the atmosphere of the city itself – hasteless and trouble-free.
Washington DC on the map
This 555-foot obelisk was built to glorify the United States’ first president and his great doings. It is located between the United States Capitol and the White House. Tourists can get to the observation deck on the top floor if it’s accessible and experience inspirational and beautiful panoramic views of the city.
The oldest part of Washington, D. C. Take a walk on the streets and you can enjoy unique view that represents old town – vast variety of buildings from 19th century. Georgetown University is located in the center of Georgetown so you can spot here a lot of pubs and young people. It’s a very lively place.  
If you like art then you should visit this awesome place. They have one of the largest and coolest collections of all the great American artist works from the colonial period to modern days. The museum offers many educational programs and interesting exhibitions, constant and traveling. Admission is free.
The museum is open for every person to visit 364 days a year for absolutely free. It has so many collections that you can’t even count how many cool stuff they have…we counted and it’s 126 million exhibits - minerals, plants, fossils (DINOSAURS!), meteorites and human culture artifacts.
This magnificent building will likely leave you speechless with its amazing neo-gothic style architecture. This place has spectacular sites: the gargoyles that have the Dart Vader one among them and the stained glass windows including the awesome window about Apollo 11 flight with a real Moon rock in it.
This great memorial with neo-classic architecture made of finest marble and has mighty bronze statue of the 3rd president of the United States as a central element. It looks like one of the ancient Greek pantheons and amazes tourists with its beautiful unity and composure. You can see Jefferson’s best quotes engraved on the walls.
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This is one of the most interactive and educational museums in Washington, D. C and they have really huge collection of exhibits about journalism. On its 7 floors you will find all kinds of journals, newspapers, films and photos from all around the world. It’s unique opportunity to compare international newspapers.
It’s one of the greatest and complex research and educational institution in the USA with its own large scale museums all across the country. It does look amazing on the outside and especially on the inside with courtyard and glass roof. There are so many things to do and museums to visit that you’ll need few days strolling around.
This is one of the most entertaining and exciting of the Smithsonian museums in Washington. They always have interesting exhibitions and events going on, you can learn so many things about aviation and astronauts here that 4 or 5 hours would fell like a mere 5 minutes. Huge place with really great exhibits!
It’s a hidden small spot in Georgetown that became really popular after it appeared in the Exorcist movie. The movie was a big hit in the world. It has this famous scene where Karras was falling down the stairs and that’s how the stairs got their own name and popularity.
Legendary figure of the man that spent his life fighting for equality, freedom and love in America. His memorial is one of the latest units in West Potomac Park has address 1964 Independence Avenue that linked to the date of the Civil Rights Act. Make sure to look at the 9-meter tall statue of this man and his quotes.
The key building in Washington D, C. It serves not political meanings alone but educational one as well. It’s one of the most important museums in the USA. All of the US history is represented through many exhibits here, including pictures, paintings, statues, documents and so on. To visit the museum you need to register beforehand.
This cemetery is pretty big one but also unique and favorable by many citizens and tourists because of its beautiful park-like setting. There are many notable and amazingly deep monuments and sculptures that may catch you eye in an instant. The most popular part of the cemetery is Adams Memorial.
This park with free admission is also known as the National Zoo and is actually one of the oldest zoos in the USA. Really exciting and awesome place with lots of exhibitions and educational features. In the zoo you can find animals from all over the world – no exceptions! Cute pandas, cool lions and huge bears!
This military cemetery is pretty well-known not only in the USA but worldwide. In this ground buried veterans, astronauts, judges, politicians and American presidents. It’s the most hallowed ground for Americans. There are trees that were planted by veterans who rest there.
It’s the National Historic Site that includes the Petersen House and the theatre. This is where Abraham Lincoln was shot and died. Today there is the theatre’s museum where you can learn about the tragedy and see the Derringer pistol, Booth’s diary and other items related to the assassination or Lincoln’s history.
It is one of the largest libraries in the world. The library has several buildings with vast collections of rare documents, books, newspapers, audio, maps and other educational materials. Anyone past 16 can get access to the books and explore the library for free.
Popular place for family recreation in Washington, DC. The place is fabulous and welcoming, frequently offers nice exhibitions and educational programs. Come to experience the stunning view from the catwalk; vast conservatories; and captivating desert and jungle themed areas.
This memorial is an embodiment of respect and prayers for the 16th US president and the “savior of Unity”, Abraham Lincoln. It is full of symbols that represent his greatest achievements. There are 36 pillars - for 36 of the states that were united at the moment of Lincoln death, and 2 most powerful of his speeches.
This interesting historic art museum is a part of the Smithsonian Institution that concentrates on the America’s origins and the country’s greatest figures. This museum is the one of the two existing places that has portraits of every United States’ president. You can also spot here other rare and awesome exhibits.
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