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It’s a wild and beautiful beach that has many amazing things to offer including some great panoramic views, white sand, rugged and untouched nature, rocky headlands which make this place special and impressive. You must at least enjoy a pleasant walk here to get one of the Australia’s most unique beach experiences.
Jewel Cave is one of the biggest of its kind in the region. There are 3 chambers and each of them is worth your time. Get ready for stunning underground experience, and to see some amazing works of nature like big stalactites.
This ancient landscape is best-known for its beehive-shaped sandstone formations that had been treasured by aboriginal people for 40,000 years. Today it’s one of the most loved attractions in the area. Hike, camp and explore all you want amidst the national park’s best wonders.
For many years wild bottlenose dolphins have been coming close to shore of this beach and made its very peculiar name pretty popular among tourists. Here everyone can experience this rare wildlife encounter with friendly and playful dolphins which is one of a lifetime chance for most people.
Come to picturesque Lake Thetis if you want to see something special. It’s one of the only few places in the world with “Living fossils”. Stromatolites that live in the lake are extremely rare ones and represent the world’s oldest living life form.
It’s the Western Australia’s largest city and 4th populous in the country with an estimated population of more than 2 million people. The city has many interesting things to offer including  its interactive museums, well-preserved architectural heritage, one of the world’s largest inner city parks and countless great bars, restaurants etc.
What can you expect from journey to the second largest National Park in Western Australia? Spectacular gorges with waterfalls and pools, vast wildlife, including red kangaroos, echidnas, geckos, goannas and other interesting animal and bird species.
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Extraordinary and a little surreal pink lake which has rich bubble gum pink color if you look at it from above. The lake is not always pink, only if the weather is right and all conditions are met it turns soft pink. Walk to Pink Lake lookout to experience the best views over the lake.
This red giant rises 860 meters (2,820ft) above the stoney surrounding terrain. It’s about 8 km long and considered as world’s largest monocline. Most tourists like to enjoy amazing views of this mountain during dawn when its colours are simply gorgeous. It’s also a good place for any hiker or bushwalk lover.
Well, this place it really great to for a picnic, especially in the evening hours when you can go to the lookout location and enjoy an amazingly beautiful sunset. It’s always a good idea to take a walk on the scenic Badjirrajirra Loop Trail.
This picturesque and relaxing place is totally worth visiting. One of the most beautiful beaches in the region. You can fully enjoy soft white sand, turquoise waters and great views. Little Beach is small but amazing, it can easily become your favorite destination and memorable experience.
Great park with ancient limestone barrier reef that you totally should visit if you’re in Kimberley region. Why? Simply because the place is easily accessible; there is a gorgeous 3-kilometre (2mi) walking trail, tour boats and nice picnic area.
Wide and gorgeous bay sheltered from big ocean waves and winds is a good place to spend some time on a sunny day. Turquoise waters, soft sand and vast wildlife provide great opportunities for all kinds of water-based activities including boating, snorkeling and surfing.
On this 19 sq km (7.3 sq mi) you surely will find what to do and enjoy including countless gorgeous beaches, sheltered bays, historical sites and many other great things. Don’t miss scenic yacht and boat tours or get around the island on a bike, discover local best sights on a bus tour.
It’s the world’s second largest meteorite crater and it’s beautiful. This meteorite crater looks like the destructive impact happened not too long time ago but it actually was around 300,000 years back. It’s amazing to see the crater in this well-preserved and almost original state.
Many tourists from all over the world come here to see the phenomenal beauty of the Horizontal Waterfalls. Don’t miss the boat tour, it’s a unique chance to slip through 2 narrow, closely aligned gorges with fast-moving tidal flow.
Exciting and colourful Ningaloo Reef has many things one can explore so it’s always great to return here. Dazzling white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and amazing vast wildlife of the Australia’s largest fringing reef make it the best place for diving, snorkeling and boating.
Unbelievably soft and clean sand, crystal blue water and relaxing sound of the ocean – what else does one need for a great holiday? This beautiful beach is one of the most popular beaches in all of the Western Australia and you totally have to check it out.
It’s a beautiful 220-kilometers long beach that lies along the north-west coast of the region. Enjoy the scenic views of this place with its vast wildlife, countless bird species and seashells that scattered all across the shore. Perfect for beach fishing lovers, camping, swimming, walking and wildlife viewing.
Stunningly beautiful 7.6-meter (25ft) waterfall absolutely worth a visit if you can appreciate true beauty of the nature. It’s a pretty popular tourist destination and one of the most photographed places of the Kimberly region.
The Turquoise Coast - a wonderful place in sparsely populated Western Australia. Beautiful sandy beaches, lapped by the waters of the Indian Ocean, are not crowded, allowing to get rid of the bustle of civilization and get lost in the contemplation of the surrounding beauty. Surfers, snorkelers, fishermen, paddlers and fans of many other water sports can relax and enjoy waves here. You can reach the beaches from the city of Perth.
Cable Beach is a beautiful sandy beach, stretching for 20 km along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Shining whiteness of coast contrasts with the red rocks, which Western Australia is famous for. The waves here are small making the beach suitable for swimming and romantic walks with the pleasing to the ear sounds of the water splashing.
The Pinnacles is a very peculiar ancient limestone formations scattered all over surrounding desert landscape and rise few meters above it. They reach up to 3.5m tall and every of these countless pinnacles have different and unique shape which is really amazing. Enjoy scenic walk trail and visit the lookout for better views.
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